About Us

The Law Offices of Richard R. Robles, P.A. was founded on February 26, 1998 in Miami, Florida. The firm provides legal services for both Florida and Puerto Rico. Our attorneys in Miami have represented clients in many high profile matters in a broad array of law including bankruptcy,  mergers and acquisitions, Fair Labor Standards Act litigation, federal employment discrimination cases to ephedra litigation, products liability, automobile accidents, slip and falls, and customs valuations and disciplinary proceedings, real estate broker disputes, contract disputes, interpleaders, and thousands of other matters. It is our understanding of the whole legal picture that sets us apart. Let our firm’s diversity, flexibility and experience be your guide.

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Our Mission

Our mission at the Law Offices of Richard R. Robles, PA. is to efficiently achieve maximum results for our clients. We strive at providing excellence at a reasonable rate. We take pride in our work and our clients. We believe strongly in the causes in which we choose to engage.

Our Advantages

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Strategy is everything in a litigation case. We think outside the box and leave no stone unturned. A thorough analysis and understanding of the specific legal issue renders our approach remarkable. We enjoy the work we do and take satisfaction in the results we can achieve for our clients.

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Every case is treated with the same degree of excellence. Be it a small claims court case or a multimillion dollar complex commercial or products liability case, every case is treated with the same degree of care and attention to detail.

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We care about our clients. We treat our clients as we would our own families. Our firm values our relationships and our lifetime clientele. We always take the time to make ourselves available to our clients for any questions.